I love MY Denver Broncos, I love Broncos Country, so it's only fitting to give away 5280 Shirt Shop gear to celebrate the Broncos DESTROYING the Raiders 41-17!

How do you enter to win 1 of 3, 5280 Shirt Shop shirts I'm giving away? Easy, just like one of the #DenverBroncoBeerChugs I posted during yesterdays game on instagram. I will pick three random people to win an awesome shirt from my friend James Hernandez of 5280 Shirt Shop on Friday, November 14th.

All the #DenverBroncoBeerChugs from yesterday are posted below. So give em' a like and win FRESH 5280 Shirt Shop gear. Love you Broncos Country.

Mile High Salute
Captain Bronco

Updated 11/16/14 : Congrats to worthy-tit, lauralorraine05, and devanshea8 on winning this weeks giveaway!!

Its #CJAndersonBeerChug time. LIKE THIS CHUG And ONE person will win @5280shirtshop GEAR.

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THIS IS #Broncos team I KNOW. #DenverBroncoBeerChug time. Thanks to THE COLONEL - #EmanuelSanders

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OWWWWEEE WEEE. A FRESH SQUEEZED #JuliusThomas #DenverBroncoBeerChug for that ass!! GO #Broncos

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ATTENTION #BroncosCountry. You at the MALL? Cause FRESH SQUEEEZED #OrangeJulius TD's now being serves.

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AuthorScott Graham

Most people in the Broncos community know @DipityDawg, he's the one who on every Friday who takes the time to give those #FollowABroncosFanFriday shout outs to almost everyone in Broncos Country. ALL of you should know @5280ShirtShop for the AWESOME Colorado Sports gear James Hernandez pumps out. My particular favorite right now is the Von / Ware / Wolfe shirt, that orange is just SO RIGHT!

Well @DipityDawg in all his generosity is stepping up to the plate with @5280ShirtShop to do the #FeedTheNeedyWhenTheBroncosBeGettinGreedy food drive. What is it? It's simple, donate SIX nonperishable food items to a local food bank, church or charity every time Peyton Manning throws a touchdown during the month of November! As @DipityDawg says everyone knows Peyton is throwing Touchdowns at a rate that would make most people donating food, need food drives themselves, but it’s not how much you give, it’s the thought that counts. Maybe you can only donate one or two items, no worries! ANY donations would be appreciated!

This year is even better because James Hernandez of @5280shirtshop is accepting food donations at his store, located at 9910 E. Costilla Avenue, Suite F in Centennial, Colorado (see the map below). Not only can you drop your donations off at the store, you can pick up some epic Colorado apparel at the same time! Imagine the impact you could make in Colorado communities if just 35 of you Broncos fans participated this Thanksgiving.

Even though I don't live in Colorado, I plan on sending at least $50 worth of canned goods to James @5280ShirtShop for my contribution to @DipityDawg's #FeedTheNeedyWhenTheBroncosBeGettinGreedy food drive, and I hope you participate to. Being a Broncos fan for me has always been about community, and nothing says that more then what @DipityDawg and @5280ShirtShop are doing for Colorado.

Mile High Salute