Most people in the Broncos community know @DipityDawg, he's the one who on every Friday who takes the time to give those #FollowABroncosFanFriday shout outs to almost everyone in Broncos Country. ALL of you should know @5280ShirtShop for the AWESOME Colorado Sports gear James Hernandez pumps out. My particular favorite right now is the Von / Ware / Wolfe shirt, that orange is just SO RIGHT!

Well @DipityDawg in all his generosity is stepping up to the plate with @5280ShirtShop to do the  #FeedTheNeedyWhenTheBroncosBeGettinGreedy food drive. What is it? It's simple, donate SIX nonperishable food items to a local food bank, church or charity every time Peyton Manning throws a touchdown during the month of November! As @DipityDawg says everyone knows Peyton is throwing Touchdowns at a rate that would make most people donating food, need food drives themselves, but it’s not how much you give, it’s the thought that counts. Maybe you can only donate one or two items, no worries! ANY donations would be appreciated!

This year is even better because James Hernandez of @5280shirtshop is accepting food donations at his store, located at 9910 E. Costilla Avenue, Suite F in Centennial, Colorado (see the map below). Not only can you drop your donations off at the store, you can pick up some epic Colorado apparel at the same time! Imagine the impact you could make in Colorado communities if just 35 of you Broncos fans participated this Thanksgiving.

Even though I don't live in Colorado, I plan on sending at least $50 worth of canned goods to James @5280ShirtShop for my contribution to @DipityDawg's #FeedTheNeedyWhenTheBroncosBeGettinGreedy food drive, and I hope you participate to. Being a Broncos fan for me has always been about community, and nothing says that more then what @DipityDawg and @5280ShirtShop are doing for Colorado.

Mile High Salute


BIG BRONCOS WIN OVER THE COLTS, but that wasn't the only impressive victory. There were victories over beer as well. 

Three entires but there can ONLY BE ONE winner in the $100, 5280 Shirt Shop Giveaway. Vote by chosing YOUR WINNER in the comments below. We'll announce the winner tomorrow morning!! 

Sarah Garner

Colin Daniels

Snoop Cal

AuthorScott Graham

I LOVE Denver Broncos Football, I love beer, I love 5280 Shirt Shop Gear. So let's combine the three into ONE EPIC ONLINE CONTEST!! The person with the most UNIQUE and AWESOME #DenverBroncoBeerChug during Sunday's Broncos / Colts game will win $100 to 5280 Shirt Shop.

Here are the rules:

  1. Watch, or better yet BE at the Broncos / Colts game THIS Sunday
  2. Follow @5280ShirtShop on Twitter
  3. Video yourself chugging a 12oz of your favorite beer IN A PINT GLASS or CLEAR PLASTIC CUP ! (I want to make sure we can see all that delcious beer)
  4. Post your video on VineInstagramYouTube with the #DenverBroncoBeerChug
  5. Reply to me on Twitter @CaptainBronco with the #DenverBroncoBeerChug and the link to your video.
  6. The person with the most UNIQUE #DenverBroncoBeerChug wins $100 to 5280 Shirt Shop!

Flood the Twitterverse, Vine, Instagram, YouTube whatever, with your LOVE of DENVER BRONCO FOOTBALL and BEER!! Heck, you could win some AWESOME gear from a man who represents the 5280 SO WELL, James Hernandez of 5280 Shirt Shop!

Mile High Salute Broncos Country. Start practicing your Denver Bronco Beer Chugs NOW!

Captain Bronco

AuthorScott Graham

In preparation for the #DenverBroncoBeerChug Challenge I had to put together a training montage to keep myself motivated. Noticed I'm so fast I even beat myself. 

AuthorScott Graham